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Internal Peace

During my trip in Amsterdam, I was in my colleague's boat taking a cruse in the canal when I saw "Haji". Spontaneously, I felt like taking few shots of him which grabbed his attention. He started running across the canal when my colleague said "OH AW. I think he is running towards the bridge to throw something on you!".

After reaching a specific high spot, Hajji suddenly stopped and started pausing for the camera and blew a kiss.

Few days later, I was at star bucks with another colleague when someone came asking for a cigarette. I recognized him as soon as I saw his face. It was "Hajji" but he didn't really recognize me as I was far away when I took the shots. "You need to pause!" my colleague said. But Hajji didn't understand. Soon I introduced myself and had a little chat with him.

I took Hajji's email to share with him the photo. I believe he enjoys something most people lack these days. "Internal Peace"