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Ibrahim M. Al Sayed, a.k.a Eibo

I'm an Architect, a Project Management Professional, and a hobbyist who started photography in 2008 when I used to shoot almost on daily bases. However, that pace slowed down as I got busier, and by 2011, I got completely overwhelmed with my stressful job and sadly ended up abandoning my only hobby.

By the end of 2017, I returned back to my camera, which made me realize that the time I'm holding it is the time I enjoy the most, it manages to disconnect me entirely from everything else as if I'm zoning out, and that really helps to relieve any stress caused by my daily life routine and demanding job.

In real life, I'm not so talkative, and that explains why I don't write long descriptions for my photos which some people don't appreciate. Truth is, I believe that every scene can be perceived differently by one eye to another. I personally prefer to give the viewer the liberty to receive, imagine, and translate photos as photography is visual art that is best described by looking at it. Just like any type of Art, it's supposed to trigger your imagination and inspiration.

I have a great passion for visual art and shutter sound and strive to experiment it with new techniques and ideas. My favorite type of photography is Macro, yet, I do not like to limit myself to a specific category, I believe life has unlimited scenes that deserve to be seen and observed. I also refuse to follow a particular line or style as enjoying the experiments is what really matters to me and that what gives me the courage to try new stuff and show it to the world!


Address:              JeddahSaudi Arabia

Cell:                      +966 - 50 - 999 - 6555

Email:                   im.alsayed@live.com


Personal Links:   Ibrahim on Youtube   

                              Ibrahim on LinkedIn


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